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Vanity Fair September 2009 Michael Jackson And Farrah Fawcett
Even though I wish Summer could stay forever, September Magazines are already upon us! Vanity Fair’s September 2009 issue is a double cover issue: Michael... Read More

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Vanity Fair’s August Recreates The 30s Films With Young Actors
I sometimes think I’m more of a fashion cinephile. Not the kind who loves movies about/around/with fashion but fashion like a movie. Take for instance... Read More

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Nudity Doesn’t Sell Anymore!
Or at least not for Vanity Fair it doesn’t! Gisele Bundchen’s almost nude cover for Vanity Fair May 2009 wasn’t as high seller as expected!... Read More

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Johnny Depp Does Vanity Fair July 2009
Johnny Depp on a magazine cover! Doing an interview?! That’s something we have got to see! Since Kate Moss broke the silence Depp allegedly imposed... Read More

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Jennifer Lopez, Camilla Belle In Vanity Fair’s West Side Story Revisited
West Side Story is a legend by now. Recreating the myth is a must: every generation has to know the West Side Story…This time we... Read More

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Freida Pinto Is The Vanity Girl In Vanity Fair March 2009
Freida Pinto is not just a lovely young woman with a great smile and (still) untouched by the Hollywood standards! She was one of the... Read More

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Annie Leibovitz The Hollywood Portfolio Vanity Fair March 2009
Something makes Annie Leibovitz‘ pictures so epic and fantastic that I just can’t help but finding her work amazing! Her last pictorial features this year’s... Read More

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Cate Blanchett Vanity Fair February 2009 Vs. Vogue December 2004
My beloved lady, Cate Blanchett looks every inch a royalty on the cover of the new Vanity Fair February 2009! (can you believe we’re already... Read More

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