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Kate Moss Makes Jam, Thinks Nothing Tastes As Good As Skinny Feels
Not long ago, Kate Moss was taking huge pride on her newfound shapes. Fuller figure seemed to fulfill Kate on the inside too. However, in... Read More

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When I Grow Up, I Want To Be Daphne Guinness!
Don’t get me wrong, but this is my idea of an amazing (and terribly impractical) Friday Outfit! White shirt, stripey skinny pants (I could definitely... Read More

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White Casual Friday Outfit
As much as I dislike spoilers, I have to bring you this white laid back Friday outfit. Just in case… Remarquez, please, the all-white (pre... Read More

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How To Instantly Drop Two Sizes!
Victoria Beckham is so slim, you could really see through her if it wasn’t for all those high designers outfits and those sky high stilettos... Read More

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Gap’s Khaki CFDA Collection Now Available (For Skinny Girls Only)!
While every summer or pre summer magazine out there is piling up on slimming wonder-recipe and workout secrets to slim you down for the beach,... Read More

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Skinny Jeans Bad For Your Health!
Still wearing skinny jeans? You should be aware of two things: they’re called skinny for a reason! two: they’re bad for your health! US Doctors... Read More

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Jeggings (Treggings) Are The New It Pants?
How comes that when your only fash-wish is to see a certain designated trend disappearing at the speed of light it only bounces back, even... Read More

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Questionable Style: Katie Holmes Blue Tartan Scarf
The on-off pregnant sensation Katie Holmes was recently spotted wearing an interesting blue scarf. She was wearing her favorite jeans: tight and skinny, a gray... Read More

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