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The Face Hunter’s Book
You thought le mighty Sartorialist would be the only blogger gone book writer? Crossing over is a must, it seems, when you’re a street style... Read More

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How To Lose Weight? (the Kaiser way)
It’s not the latest news flooding the Internet bytes waves, but it’s simply irresistible! Karl Lagerfeld’s wisdom is something we should hang on to. Fierce,... Read More

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Perez Hilton Doesn’t Write PerezHilton.com!
Perez Hilton was so busy designing his clothing line, cleverly composing and publishing his book that he left the blogging endeavors to four employees charged... Read More

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The Complex Photoshopping Of Kim Kardashian For The April-May Issue
While it may seem to you a movie title, this is depicted from reality, 100%. By the new standards, reality can be bent, twisted and... Read More

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The Sartorialust Collection By The Sartorialist
One should really know when to stop! The Sartorialist learns nothing from his brother-in-blogs Perez Hilton: turning your blogging talents into fashion is not taking... Read More

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Scott Schuman + Garance Doré = LOVE
What’s better than a street style photographer? Two street style photographers! Wrong! Two street style photographers in love! Scott Schuman (yes, The Sartorialist) and Garance... Read More

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Designer Extraordinaire, Erin Wasson
I really hoped and secretly (but stubbornly) prayed for Erin Wasson to step out of the design spotlight! Sadly, my flu reduced my voice to... Read More

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Lindsay Lohan Presents Sevin Nyne, The Self Tanner
Lindsay Lohan just launched her own self tanner. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you should be familiar with the two things defining Lindsay... Read More

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