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Louis Vuitton 1001 Nights Jewelry Collection
I promise you, more I look at this collection (especially the $ 725 bracelet), I get the feeling it’s a kitsch. Why? Because it looks... Read More

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Missoni Stellar Necklace and Bracelet
Brilliant accessories are hard to find. And even harder to imagine. The proof in pictures: Missoni’s necklace and bracelet are truly impressive, unique pieces of... Read More

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Here’s The $1,000,000 Pearl Necklace!
I talked about that pearl necklace t-shirt and how expensive it was just the other day but this is way too much! The million dollar... Read More

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Would You Wear This Lanvin Necklace T-Shirt?
I’m a fan of the Chanel pearl necklace. I don’t know if I’ll ever buy it (not just for financial reasons, but also because I’m... Read More

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$14 Million Garrard Necklace And $16,26 Million Chopard Ring
What’s a $14 Million item meant to do? Nothing. Just be. Garrard’s Heart of the Kingdom Ruby is one of the most expensive jewelry ever.... Read More

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How About Some Conscious Jewelry Slimming Therapy?
This may be some crazy stunt especially when you hear that whoever’s behind this story is an “Eco Life Stylist and Metaphysical Jeweler” (that reminds... Read More

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Jewerly Goes Black Widow With Gisele Ganne
If you actually thought Vertebrae was today’s weirdness, well, here comes the Black Widow Collection! And it’s not only the look of those jewelry flirting... Read More

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Most Original Necklace – Vertebrae By Molly Epstein
I don’t know if a better use for this necklace can be found outside the Halloween surroundings. If so, I’d like you to open my... Read More

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