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Levi’s Everybody’s Work Is Equally Important Go Forth Campaign
There’s a high possibility that the situation of Braddock, Pennsylvania, however, in short, the story resumes to the revitalization of a city. Its major, John... Read More

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Levi’s Bodywear Ad Campaign
Seeing the new path of advertising and magazines pictorials, the dark and/or bodily aggressive perspective that goes by the name of art these days, I... Read More

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Paper’s Shredded Levis 501 By Stefan Sagmeister
It may look like a complete sacrilege, but it’s really outstandingly artistic! A pair of legendary Levis 501 shred to pieces and reassembled into a... Read More

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Takashi Murakami Does Levi’s Fenom!
If you missed a little Murakami to bright up your days, here’s the new product featuring Takashi Murakami’s unmistakable signature drawings: Levi’s Fenom! Yes, it’s... Read More

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