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Hermès Knows No Recession!
There’s no rest for the luxury market it seems! Regardless of the recent economic worries, Hermès expands and estimates additional 86 work places available by... Read More

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Hermès Contre Temps, The  EAgenda
Hermès is stepping up from leather goods to stylish gadgets. It’s only a concept for the moment, but this slick Hermès Contre-Temps agenda is a... Read More

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Play Some Hermès Cards!
Is this the new It luxury and fashion standard for 2009? Playing the luxury cards game? Because it seems every respected brand out there stars... Read More

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Claudia Schiffer For Vogue UK April 2009
It has been almost a week now since dubious taste headlines implying Claudia Schiffer is still in shape for a Vogue cover even if she’s... Read More

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Marc Jacobs And His Men Skirt Issues
While continuing my investigation on all things fascinating Marc Jacobs, I ran into these candids with him and his partner, Lorenzo (we still don’t have... Read More

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Make Yourself Comfortable In A Hermès Crocodile Pippa Chair!
There’s no joke, no-no! While living these insecure times, talking luxury has become a trivial doing. Offensive and to be handled with care, the luxury... Read More

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Hermès Designed Exclusive Guitar Case For Eric Clapton
If Karl can have an exclusively designed iPod trunk case from Louis Vuitton, I don’t think it’s unnatural for Hermès to exclusively design a guitar... Read More

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Smart For-Two By Hermès
I think Hermès is growing attached with the auto industry! They’ve managed to dress up another car’s interior – the Smart For-Two! Whether it’s Bright... Read More

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