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Adrien Brody’s Gay Affair (Olaf And Paul Music Video)
It’s been a while since my last Adrien Brody movie. You? What say you about Adrien Brody in a very explicit romance with another man?... Read More

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Vintage Advertising: Gay Doll For Everyone!
Remember when we all agreed upon the neverending charm of vintage advertising? Here’s another for the collection: Come out of the closet with Gay Bob,... Read More

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Pressured To Drop Ellen DeGeneres, JCPenney Responds With Gay Father’s Day Campaign
The world is changing! For the better, hopefully! JCPenney who publicly announced Ellen DeGeneres as their spokesperson a while ago, was constantly under conservative fire... Read More

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Want To Pose Like Kate Moss? Say Chin On The Ledge!
We all know and love the professional Kate Moss and her way of seducing the camera. Now if you really want to pose like Kate... Read More

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Zachary Quinto Is Gay. Congrats For His Coming Out!
I think even after reading the title alone, you’re all going “wha?” on me – well.. It has to be said! After months, years of... Read More

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Twilight Style – Robert Pattinson Is Gay?
Bram Stoker must be twisting and turning in his grave now! The new vampire generation, the Twilight absolute Kingdom over the young generation is about... Read More

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Style (And Other Issues), After Tom Ford
Ever since I popped my head out in fashion land, I understood that gay-ness is uber trendy. If you’re not gay, at least you have... Read More

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Is Your Car Gay?
How about that? I’m puzzled and I wouldn’t want to snap and overreact, but a gay car today, tomorrow we’d be talking gay ovens, gay... Read More

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