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$895 Dior iPad Case
There’s a new shopping frenzy in the air as we’re approaching the blessed Winter Holidays season. And, honestly, who are we to resist it? That... Read More

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Stiletto Protector. Would You?
Above any fashion madness (or maybe just because of that fashion has reached the madness levels), there’s got to be some kind of fashion madness... Read More

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Have You Seen The $8Million iPhone?
That’s because I can’t honestly ask you if you want the bling thing! It’s so expensive, it makes writing about so vain! However, when it... Read More

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Airbag Collar For Safe Cycling
Now with all that couture vibe in bicycling, I feel there’s something – cycling to say every day… Like all things fashion, this will surely... Read More

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The New App Fashion, Jason Schwartzman Edition
No particular reason for this one! What? Haven’t seen me feature men around here too often? (there’s a simple reason for that: my eyes, heart... Read More

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Samsung Galaxy S Femme And Aveda
Remember we talked about a scented mobile phone a while back? Now let’s check out the latest on the mobile market for women: Samsung Galaxy... Read More

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The Spray On Clothing, That Practical?
As we’re moving faster and faster, I thought technology will overcome us. It did not happened. I’m still bound with loving a brick sized, more... Read More

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IIDA Light Pool Phone, Pocket Christmas Tree
That’s really what crossed my mind when I first saw this phone! A pocket – sized Christmas lights splendor. It’s either that or the perfect... Read More

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