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Julien Martinez’ Ozz Dolls Factory
We talked so much about Barbie these days and it completely slept my mind to present you with my latest doll discovery! Julien Martinez’ Ozz... Read More

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The Perfect Carpet For Your Walk In Closet! And More
Forget the classics, get ready for the new wire hangers carpet! Aesthetically surprising and over talented Bev Hisey’s Mommy Dearest wool carpet not only is... Read More

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Dare To Wear Rebekah Frank’s Metal Jewelry
There’s something about evolution that makes these most unusual jewelry pieces highly understandable and ordinary by fashion standards. Rebekah Frank is a fancy metalsmith. The... Read More

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World’s Ugliest Boots
Remember the outrage of seeing Madonna’s Chanel gun heel sandals a while back? That was actually an aesthetic and creative bliss given the following! Let... Read More

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Want Unique Shoes Designed By You? Shoes Of Prey!
Whether you’ll take it as an amusement or as the answer to your warm prayers, designing your own shoes is now a tangible reality and... Read More

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Chris Ro, A Dear Friend
I’ve always been a sucker for beautiful photography! Though my adored Husband is the eye-gifted and the photo-passionate one from the two of us, I... Read More

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Who Needs A Doormat Scale?
I bet if they get word of this doormat scale, modelling agency managers around the world would most definitely place one at their entry door.... Read More

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Bring The Disco In Your Home With Moritz Waldemeyer’s Home Disco!
The following could take place in your very home, at any hour, day or night, any day of the week. Just you and your disco... Read More

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