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Jessica Alba Goes Green Without Moderation!
Oh, I missed the Wisdom regulars! Let me introduce you Jessica Alba, a well known pearls of wisdom prodigy! She spawned yet another masterpiece of... Read More

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Designer Extraordinaire, Erin Wasson
I really hoped and secretly (but stubbornly) prayed for Erin Wasson to step out of the design spotlight! Sadly, my flu reduced my voice to... Read More

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Avant-Fashion Without Moderation By Stefano Gabbana
You know I have a thing against pre-season fashion shows. Meaning I don’t keep the fashion shows up to presenting date because I think it’s... Read More

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Keira About Corsets Without Moderation
Even if they used to be highly praised and charming, the corsets aren’t what they used to be. The Alexander McQueen catwalk event stands proof.... Read More

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Kanye Without Moderation
You know that classic comedy line “I’m ok!”? When a character falls without explanation or it suddenly disappears right under your eyes (but in the... Read More

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Karl Lagerfeld’s Teachings
Just another one of those Kaiser Karl moments… few seconds of reading and then few minutes of thinking why, oh why he has to say... Read More

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Marc Jacobs And The Joy Of Working Out!
When I was a child, I loved some quality philosophy. When I grew up I was delighted to see how others thought about themselves as... Read More

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Erin Wasson Homeless And Design (Without Moderation)
For a designer, is crucial that he/she find inspiration. No matter how, no matter where. That’s the excuse many find and use. Erin Wasson, former... Read More

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