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Supernineties Supermodels Supercomeback
It’s official: the golden era of fashion, golden days of models and modeling is making a statement-comeback this fall. With some of the heaviest names... Read More

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The Future According To Lacoste
Since everyone’s getting ahead of fashion presenting shows a year ahead of their time, why not presenting points of view 75 years ahead? I talked... Read More

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Naomi Watts Angel By Thierry Mugler
I wonder what’s the purpose of having a world-wide-known face to represent your already world-wide-known product… Naomi Watts is the new face of Thierry Mugler’s... Read More

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Elizabeth Arden Color Intrigue Shakes Off The Catherine Zeta-Jones From Catherine Zeta-Jones
If Photoshop can make you look younger, wax-ier, then makeup, and especially Elizabeth Arden makeup can surely make you look like anyone but yourself! The... Read More

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