I Know Fashion! I’m Coco Perez!

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I wanted to break out the news in a gentle manner, but, really, how? Fashion really is for everyone. Even for disgraced designers slash (gossip) bloggers slash writers.

Perez may have had a disastrous designer career with his short lived collection, but behold! He’s now taking the internet, one fashionista step at the time. Coco Perez is the new blog venture by Perez Hilton. Sponsored by Gap. Suddenly my Gap esteem just took a serious dive! (Watch out, Bryanboy! Perez unleashed his inner fashionista!) (via)

Coco Perez


#1 Daydreamer on 08.14.09 at 2:23 am

Just went to the site. Nothing much but I love the logo.

#2 Adriana on 08.14.09 at 5:09 am

Oh no….oh no….I hate the logo. I hate it he abuses Coco’s name! No, nothing much. B,C…..Z celeb fashion…..no thanks!

#3 Ellington on 08.14.09 at 10:20 am

I hope that he does not douche it up, but I think that the odds are high in favour that he will.

#4 Daydreamer on 08.14.09 at 10:44 am

To be clear, I don’t like the name of the site but I like the graphic, the water colored letters.

#5 stylewylde on 08.17.09 at 4:21 pm

Ellington, there is absolutely no chance that Perez Hilton WON’T douche up his “fashion blog”. The man is a living, breathing, idiotic doodling douche bag of the most extreme form and he will in the end be true to himself, always.

#6 Ellington on 08.17.09 at 4:30 pm

Yes stylewylde, when one has as much douche factor as Perez does the doucheosity of his doucheness will always shine through! : )

#7 Adriana on 08.17.09 at 5:40 pm

” doucheosity of his doucheness”…right, I do understand that but has to repeat it a few times :D

Oh yeah, and also how to pronounce “doucheosity” properly LOL!!

#8 kpriss on 08.17.09 at 9:45 pm

He’s the absolute queen (and/or king) of doucheosity! I sign his success in my beyond understanding category. However, there’s a tendency to gloss up any gay blogger so I might give him a break on that account only!

#9 Adriana on 08.18.09 at 6:21 am

Argghhh, the Encarta on-line says “douchebag” is considered offensive and give not an explanation. Hahaha, it’s such a word one immediately understand I’ve never looked it up before! This Encarta has also the possibility how to pronounce a word. So no “douchebag” pronouncing same fo “doucheness” but that’s easy. Though “doucheosity”? Ellington, it’s yours so can I have a phonetic explanation please I struggle so much!!??? :)

#10 kpriss on 08.18.09 at 6:47 am

take curiosity, fill it generously with douche and there you have Perez! Ahem doucheosity! :P

#11 Ellington on 08.18.09 at 8:07 am

Adriana :)
Calling someone a douche is just slang for calling someone a big idiot. As for the different versions of douche I was just having fun making up words with it.
I hope that this helps a bit? :)

#12 Adriana on 08.18.09 at 3:43 pm

Ellington, I understood immediately what a douchebag was lol! The fun part for me is: “shower” is “douche” here. So that’s weird to translate.
Kpriss, thanks lot for the info. Pfff, curiousity is still far more easy to pronounce than doucheosity. I’m trying…..pfff…
You were both helpful, thanks! :)

#13 Laurel on 02.18.10 at 10:03 am

Since when has Perez Hilton been considered even REMOTELY fashionable? He has absolutely no authority on this subject, and anyone who takes his criticisms seriously should take a look at some of the “garments” he’s tried to pass off as “fashion-forward.” I’ve looked at the blog, and he pretty much just bashes celebrities that dress better than he does. I’m sorry – jewel tone satin blazers with sequence and bows made from hair are not cute. Even Lady Gaga has gotten over that stuff. He’s a sad, backwards, lonely, insecure man who thinks that just because he’s gay and bitchy people will automatically accept his views on fashion as valid. NO SIR.

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