Al Pacino’s Tango From Scent Of A Woman

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I always thought Tango requires a very good synchronization with the dance partner. Not only it involves a very high level of emotion, but it’s also meant to transmit something to the audience.

At least that’s what I thought. Until seeing Al Pacino’s tango from the movie Scent of a Woman. That’s a tango I thought he danced for himself and with himself. Then again, maybe I was wrong. You tell me, after watching the clip. The tango is played by Carlos Gardel and is called “Por una cabeza”. Enjoy this Friday break! Watching a tango is always a pleasure!


#1 e.varden on 09.20.08 at 9:09 am

I loved Pacino and his tango. A blind man and a novice partner: It was a delight to see her relax into the rhythm, though no way could she have been as adept with one trip around the music.

Also, I couldn’t get rid of the image of Arthur Fonzarelli with Al’s pop-eyed intensity.

A well-performed tango brings tears to my eyes, as does Flamenco.

Tango is humping in public, with class. It’s SUCH a communion, and a shared event.

When sincere (if you can fake that, you’re in!) it is intensely moving for the audience.

I recall when the National Ballet School of Canada brought in a Flamenco mistress and master and the kids were introduced to a completely different form of physical expression.

It was awesome to watch them grow comfortable with the rhythms and the moves over a week, something I never thought a pubescent dancer could ever express.

They done good. An indication of something innate.

#2 Adriana on 09.21.08 at 8:34 am

Actually its the only scene of this movie I do really remember. I loved it at the time a lot. Al Pacino can play anything.
The tango as a blind man, his last tango….beautiful….as written above.

e.varden, can’t help it, your piece brings tears to my eyes having danced the tango and tried hard to do the Flamenco in Spain and it didn’t matter if you were good it was the mood…. ecstatic….

#3 sonya on 01.09.10 at 6:36 am

i love this scene in the movie. al pacino is so good; too bad he doesn’t make good movies anymore.

thanks for this friday surprise! it brought a smile to my face.

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