Tommy Hilfiger Iconic America

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It’s Monopoly and Mickey Mouse; it’s Barbed Wire and the Can Opener.
It’s the Declaration of Independence and Bob Dylan and Groucho Marx.
Alfred E. Newman and Muhammad Ali, Dr. Spock and Dr. Strangelove,
the Edsel and our landing on the moon.”

Oh dear, almost make me want to cry. What is America through the eyes of a multimillionaire. Wonder how he would have written this book if he was just a struggling trough every-day man (or woman, by all means!).

Iconic America by Tommy Hilfiger cover

However, the most patriotic Tommy is talking about the sad present and helping the children of the world. I bet he’s just up to this since he’ll donate $5 to the US Fund for Unicef for every copy of the book Iconic America (plus for each item from the capsule collection from his stores worldwide).

Tommy Hilfiger Iconic America Cover
So these five dollars … a world of change, they also come from the t-shirt collection he’ll launch with the book. The t-shirts and sweatshirts are printed with images similar to those in the book and sold for “only” $52-$100.

A stroke of a marketing genius (aka George Lois, the co-author of Iconic America and previously guilty for changing the MTV logo), since Tommy’s fashion empire is on the rocks.

How about it? Do you feel all that patriotism going up and down your veins? Or it’s just another “all that marketing” product (maybe he’s planning a political career later on)?

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