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Christy Turlington For Yves Saint Laurent Fall 2009 Ad Campaign
Christy Turlington. Yves Saint Laurent. That alone could be enough to light up our curiosity! Keeping the super-quality of YSL ads, Stefano Pilati chose Christy... Read More

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Yves Saint Laurent Spring Summer 2010 Men Film
I thought once the McQueen schizo danger was over, I would be safe. I was only half right! Yves Saint Laurent just issued their Spring... Read More

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Julia Roitfeld’s Home, Shoes, Et Caetera
Just the other day we talked about her famous Paris Vogue mom, today it’s Julia Roitfeld’s turn to turn our heads with some style advice.... Read More

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YSL Puma Sneakers
Puma is becoming, slowly but surely, the haute sneakers house! They’ve just unveiled a new series of sneakers designed in collaboration with Yves Saint Laurent’s... Read More

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Elle Perfume By YSL: Anna Selezneva Kate Moss Copycat
Seeing Anna Selezneva advertising for Yves Saint Laurent had such a terrible déjà vu, I have to question my Kate Moss likeness. Maybe the fashion... Read More

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Kate Moss And Her YSL Muse Bag
When you’re the lucky owner of an original Yves Saint Laurent, chances are you wear it to exhaustion. Especially if that YSL piece is a... Read More

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Yves Saint Laurent Rolling Sneaker
I did confessed having the Converse, haven’t I? And for my tennis sport shoes, right? Why would I change that for another white sneaker? Just... Read More

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Adieu Yves Saint Laurent!
So it goes. Sometimes good people are called in earlier… Yves Saint Laurent died at the age of 71 after a long illness (the reason... Read More

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