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The Jumpsuit Face Off Rihanna Vs Lindsay Lohan
Two divas by our modern times standards, Rihanna and Lindsay Lohan chose two very similar outfits for two very different events. Rihanna was out to... Read More

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Nina Ricci Heelless Shoes Vs Phylea Shoes
As I feared before and shared the cold sweat of terror slowly pouring down my spine, I’m at it again: my latest fashero quest! And... Read More

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Rihanna’s W Magazine, February 2010
I know celebs make the cover of a magazine with a particular idea in mind: promotion material. Everything they do is carefully planned, scheduled to... Read More

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Rihanna Does GQ January 2010, No Clothes, No Regrets!
It’s a common pose for GQ and a common doing for a she-celebrity to cover GQ in a highly provocative posture. What’s uncommon and, in... Read More

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Who Dresses Rihanna?
You may not be surprised to learn that Rihanna’s stylist is an admirer of Prince’s style! But who’s the stylist behind Rihanna’s good girl gone... Read More

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Rihanna Breaking The Silence. Chris Brown Has No Soul!
The hot topic this week was Rihanna’s interview with Diane Sawyer. The first time Rihanna opens up about her close encounter with Chris Brown’s machism.... Read More

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Rihanna’s Christopher Kane Gorilla Print Dress
The now available Christopher Kane Gorilla prints are allover the fashplace, with every true fashcoscious trying to get his/hers hands on the new true animal... Read More

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Rihanna In Dolce & Gabbana At Met Gala 2009
Time has passed and Rihanna resurfaced after her on-off incendiary relationship with Chris Brown. I don’t know if it’s her agent telling her to play... Read More

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