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Why Rachel Zoe Ditched Brad Goreski
With his new flamboyant preppy look, mr Brad Goreski was obviously in danger to outshine Rachel Zoe from her very own Rachel Zoe project. Thus,... Read More

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The Met Gala 2010 – American Women Fashioning A National Identity
The Metropolitan Museum of Art presented this year’s Costume Institute Benefit Gala with more stars lining up on the Red Carpet than an ordinary Oscar... Read More

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You know you love her! And if you didn’t, you better start right now! Harmless fashionistas are just my kind of fashionistas! The kind that... Read More

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Rachel Zoe’s Shoes
This picture has to be featured in a medical dictionary, somewhere! Right under Shoobsession! Rachel Zoe’s shoes collection. If ever you feel like counting sheep... Read More

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Rachel Zoe’s Website
Rachel Zoe goes global! Through her website, you can browse the Zoe Report or ask Zoe, either way, your daily Zoe fix is just a... Read More

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