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Bad Cover Photoshop: Sharon Stone’s Vogue Brazil May 2012
There’s some kind of strange Photoshop wind sweeping the fashion magazines shores in Brazil! After finding out the details of Coco Rocha’s Elle Brazil cover,... Read More

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Take Out The Clothes Via Photoshop Coco Rocha’s Elle Brazil Cover
Usually, I’m really pleased to see a magazine cover of Coco Rocha. There’s something very vibrant about her posing. This time, however, something’s different. Coco... Read More

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Cate Blanchett Without Makeup And Without Photoshop Magazine Cover
You know how high and dearly I think of Cate Blanchett. So while this would be something only brave (famous) people can do, it also... Read More

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Monica Bellucci’s Glamour Cover Photoshop Disaster
For the April 2012 issue of Glamour Italia, Monica Bellucci looks summery and beautiful. As always. Her festive mood sustains Glamour’s special Anniversary edition (20... Read More

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Will Helena Rubinstein Take Down Demi Moore’s Over Photoshopped Ads?
…probably not. At least it’s creating a buzz which could be profitable for business. As I’m sure it was very profitable for Demi Moore. I’m... Read More

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Kate Moss Is Gorgeous And Over Retouched For Madame Figaro
We watch tons of animated movies in the Frizz household. And that’s not just because we, the Frizz Adults, are crazy in love with animations... Read More

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Helena Christensen Advertises For Reebok. Again
Not that I had any complains about that – Helena Christensen looks amazing and I always had a weak spot for Reebok (and all black... Read More

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Rachel Weisz L’Oreal Ad Campaign Too Photoshopped
It’s one of those ageless days here: latest in Photoshop wonderland is the oh – so – lovely Rachel Weisz who is proudly representing for... Read More

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