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One Direction Nail Polish; Anti-Bullying PSA
Awareness comes by any means and travels by any communication route, the purpose being to get more coverage, to get more people involved and carrying.... Read More

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Marchesa On Your Nails: Revlon Appliques
One of the most sought after catwalks which immediately translates into Red Carpet outfits, Marchesa, teamed up with cosmetics giants Revlon to create a series... Read More

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Nails Like Zooey Deschanel: Rad Nails Wraps
Everybody’s favorite quirky little lady is a nails fanatic and that makes her even more adorable. Because I’m a self confessed nails obsessed and I... Read More

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The Missing Nail: $12,000 For A Single Fake Nail Worn By Lady Gaga
Last I heard from Lady Gaga she was still recovering after her hip surgery and walked around in absurdly expensive, opulent chairs (try made of... Read More

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J’Adore Dior Summer Mix Nail Polish!
You know me by now and you know my weaknesses. As such, I have to come clean about a new find in a long series... Read More

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Wanting Butter London Royal Baby Nail Polish
It’s no secret that Butter London makes some pretty nail polishes. And more: A-Listers, designers and fashion people all over the world keep enlisting in... Read More

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Latest Nail Polish Trend: Neutral Nails
While going through the latest trends reports, I noticed something I thought really interesting and worth mentioning: the A-listers (and Z-listers alike) who care about... Read More

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Orly Nail Polish Bottles Revamp
Did you know who invented the French Manicure? The answer may surprise you as it’s not the French (wink), it’s an American: Jeff Pink. Or... Read More

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