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Fancy The New Longchamp By Jeremy Scott Canvas Bag?
Versatility doesn’t come cheap, and surely not the designer-signed one! Longchamp’s canvas pliage bag is a certified best seller. More so now, since they teamed... Read More

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Adidas Original Silver JS Sequin By Jeremy Scott
I thought the sequined shoes were sooo last season! But behold! The Adidas Originals By Jeremy Scott silver sequins edition have that 80s disco feel... Read More

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Jeremy Scott And Adidas 2009 Collection
Following the huge success they had with the winged shoes, Adidas continues the series of designs signed by Jeremy Scott. Not as surprising as the... Read More

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Another Jeremy Scott Pliage Longchamp Bag
And there goes another print from the Jeremy Scott collection for Longchamp. The mythical Pliage bag is no longer foot-printed but takes the very exclusive... Read More

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Would you Pay $260 to Have Footprints on Your Longchamp Handbag?
I remember when I wanted to buy the “Pliage” Longchamp. Then I reconsidered myself because everybody had a Pliage of their own. I’m one of... Read More

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