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Jennifer Lopez Does Elle US February 2010
Jennifer Lopez is back with a new album. So up she goes, promoting it: Elle US February 2010 happens to be one of the first... Read More

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JLo’s Louboutins, The Christian Louboutin Paola 100 Ankle Boots
Some of you might be already familiar with J-Lo’s new single: Louboutins. And not such much because of the extraordinary musical attributes of the new... Read More

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Jennifer Lopez My Glow Perfume
Jennifer Lopez grew up and ditched her “block” for a more groomed, motherly look. Her new fragrance is proof that JLo changed. Joining the Glow... Read More

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More JLO Spring Summer 2009 Bags!
Jennifer Lopez JLO collection got me thinking. I started showing you some examples from her collection a while back and now I had to get... Read More

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Jennifer Lopez Wears Samantha Thavasa Scritta Bags
Celeb involvement is a marketing strategy. Samantha Thavasa Japan is another proof that the sweet sound of cash gets a maximum ca-ching when advertising with... Read More

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Jennifer Lopez, Camilla Belle In Vanity Fair’s West Side Story Revisited
West Side Story is a legend by now. Recreating the myth is a must: every generation has to know the West Side Story…This time we... Read More

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Jennifer Lopez New Haircut
…new album on the way? Jennifer Lopez was photographed sporting a new wig… ahem haircut this weekend. Freshly beautified, JLo leaving her hairstylist’s salon (Byron... Read More

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Jennifer Lopez JLo Collection: Bags
Not long ago, Jennifer Lopez announced she was re-releasing her collection. JLo fashion and accessories. There was nothing said about that collection ever since. Instead... Read More

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