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A Hermes Birkin Green Ostrich Bag In Transformers 3 Dark Side Of The Moon!
There’s a few things you will have to follow in this new Transformers 3, Dark of the Moon, aside from the glorious special effects. At... Read More

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Kim Kardashian Matches Hermes Birkin With UGG Boots
Kim Kardashian has caught word that the latest chouchou de mode of the stars is the UGG boot created in collaboration with Jimmy Choo. And... Read More

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Ready For The $45 Birkin Shopping Bag
Because ready or not, here it goes: the $45 Hermes Birkin look-alike canvas tote! Reminds me of the Real Perfect Vuitton we talked about a... Read More

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Lady Gaga Loves To Wreck Hermes Birkin Bags
True, she may be a bit late in trying so hard to destroy the Hermes Birkin legend (given the recent announcements regarding the replacement of... Read More

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Marc Jacobs Vacation: Shorts And Hermes Birkin
When you’re in vacation, you have to think and wear light. For your luggage sake and everyone else’s. I promise myself I’ll go light every... Read More

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Marc Jacobs And His Men Skirt Issues
While continuing my investigation on all things fascinating Marc Jacobs, I ran into these candids with him and his partner, Lorenzo (we still don’t have... Read More

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Katie Holmes And Her Short Fashion Disaster
I still don’t understand how can someone turn a splendid trend into … this! Especially when that someone has the means and the motifs to... Read More

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Katie Holmes And Her Gorgeous Hermès Haut De Courroies
Hm. Wide Leg Jeans sweeping the sidewalk and a bigger than life Hermès tote! Who would that be? Katie Holmes channeling her large views on... Read More

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