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80s Ladies: Giorgio Armani Fall Winter 2012 2013 Collection
Giorgio Armani too must have received that memo from the stylists recommending some retro feel for his Fall Winter 2012 2013 collection. So he capitalized... Read More

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Wearing Leather Gloves Can Be Harmful For Our Skin
Can you believe that? Recent studies show that the process of making a leather glove implies chemicals that are still present in high percentage in... Read More

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Adorable Bow Gloves Could Make Perfect Christmas Gift
Do you think there could be such a thing as a bow – overdose? Much like to the ruffled overdoing of the new Valentino for... Read More

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Karl Lagerfeld Takes His Summer Wardrobe To Town
Karl Lagerfeld takes his uberglam persona and his white summer wardrobe out for a walk in St Tropez. Besides the naval-themed outfit (with the navy... Read More

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Designers For Superheroes Chez Colette
While I was convinced that the superhero thing was du passé, here’s Colette to tell me different! Teaming up with DC Comics for their 75th... Read More

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Dare To Wear The USB Warm Gloves?
It was only natural that this question would pop up during the longest, hardest, whitest winter I remember: dare to wear the Thanko USB warm... Read More

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Most Fashionable Gloves. Dish In Style
Why would anyone spare even a second of style while doing the chores? Take for instance doing the dishes! You think that’s not a time... Read More

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Yellow Taxi Mittens, The Perfect Gift For The Active Ones!
There’s something as easy as that to keep you warm and to get you a taxi. Taxi Mittens. Yellow with TAXI written in black, could... Read More

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