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Gemma Ward Joins The Pirates Of The Caribbean
The last rumor running wild in the fashblogosphere is that Gemma Ward is getting ready for her big screen mermaid role in the next Pirates... Read More

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Gemma Ward Speaks Out!
Gemma Ward was used to press hating. In the past, she was being criticized for the thinner-than-life modelling figure. Now she was thrown tomatoes at... Read More

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Where Is Gemma Ward?
She’s still here and she’s doing just fine! Look at her: sporting that fashionably-thrifty animal print coat look with a retro beach ensemble underneath. (doesn’t... Read More

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Gemma Ward’s Weight Issues
Once a supermodel, always a supermodel. These were the words of a 90s super. But does that apply to present Gemma Ward? Taking a year... Read More

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Could You Wear Pam Hogg’s Leggings And Catsuit?
I may be a conservative in my own way, but wearing a superwoman flashy costume, even for a night out, doesn’t ring any bells for... Read More

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