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Helmut Lang Destroying His Fashion In The Name Of Art?
What’s up with Helmut Lang? I found a little piece of news today saying that he was preparing a special exhibition with art creations made... Read More

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Gagosian Gallery’s Lindsay Lohan By Richard Phillips
I can understand many of the modern day’s artistic representations. I can even understand translating the mundane, the trivial into art. But Lindsay Lohan as... Read More

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McQueen MET Exhibition Huge Success. Also Open On Mondays
The Metropolitan’s Museum of Art’s Alexander McQueen’s Savage Beauty exhibition seems to have had such tremendous success that they’re extending it by one week, through... Read More

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Models Without Makeup And Retouching. Natalia, Kim, Edita
Much has been done and plastered with “no makeup” or “no photoshop” but the truth is, not many famous people can afford to be seen... Read More

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Diane Kruger’s Portrait On The Cannes City Hall
We talked about how gorgeous she looked on the Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet and we’re getting back to the same Cannes point to talk... Read More

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Murakami Versailles, The Book
Remember when I told you I loved different perspectives of the same thing? Changing the common way we’re used to look around us is something... Read More

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Kid’s Wear
Are you familiar with Kid’s Wear magazine? Founded in 1995 by the renowned photographer Achim Lippoth, Kid’s Wear magazine is dedicated, just as the title... Read More

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The Met’s American Women More Successful Than Models
It’s been a long, successful exhibition for the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The doors have closed on the Costume Institute’s American Women: Fashioning a National... Read More

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