Helmut Lang Destroying His Fashion In The Name Of Art?

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What’s up with Helmut Lang? I found a little piece of news today saying that he was preparing a special exhibition with art creations made out of pieces from his fashion creations. Columns room – tall which are made from scraps of fabric, fur and leather formerly known as fashion collection pieces, from Helmut Lang’s collections.

I can understand and respect an individual who quits everything and anything because he found his / her life calling. However, from there to destroying his (previous) life work and turning it into little (or not so little) pieces for his / her new priority it seems dubious.

Helmut Lang art birds

Some of you may say that he’s repurposing and reusing, thus not destroying, however, his collections should be preserved and protected, not turned into floor to ceiling columns which he calls art. I may sound like an ignorant, but if his art is anything remotely like this “installation” below entitled “The Front Row”, you may understand why I feel worried (or completely freaked out by the beheaded giant birds he calls “Life Forms” which you had the pleasure of previously admire at Helmut’s side, just before the jump). Heck, I’m sure that if I convince my 6yo to do this, he will, magna cum laudae! So should Helmut Lang be allowed to destroy his previously designed and executed fashion creations? (photos via)

Helmut Lang art Front Row

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#1 mdinah on 07.14.11 at 6:26 am

Fashion is the Golden Fleece of Jason nowadays… everybody wants to be linked with. Even the ones who turned away from it.
I used to like his creations in the late 90ies/early 2000. it was really cool.

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