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Dina Goldstein’s Fallen Princesses Project
I remember when, growing up, I was being told that the values of an entire nation are visible in their fairy tales culture and I... Read More

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Tiana, The Black Princess And The Frog!
We’re trying so hard to make racism du passé and stop the whitewashing, we just had to dig at the very source of things: education.... Read More

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Disney And Swarovski Iriver Mplayer
What does it look like? Like Mikey Mouse’s head jewelry adorned. Like a Kid Robot stones encrusted. What is it really? It’s an Mp3 player... Read More

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Disneyland Dream Suite Tour
Disneyland opened up the Dream Suite yesterday for awarding purposes. The lucky random winner of a stay in the Disney Dream Suite is supposed to... Read More

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Pictures of Celebrities as Disney Legends by Annie Leibovitz
We all have our childish moments. Well, here’s Annie Leibovitz! The Year of a Million Dreams promotion campaign is the perfect opportunity for celebrities to... Read More

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