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High Heels Still In For 2011
So they said nobody will want to wear high heels anymore. And they also said this will be the year of the mid heel. Well,... Read More

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Christian Dior Orange Sandals SS 2011
You see, whenever the Holidays season comes around, I feel my heart jumping with childish innocent joy hoping that maybe this year Santa will get... Read More

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Lanvin Shoes Are Not Comfortable
The words of Alber Elbaz “I’m not a cool designer” now have a new meaning in the light of some shoes confessions made by Gwyneth... Read More

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Damien Hirst Love Converse Sneakers
Remember what I said yesterday in that comfy shoes plea? That I once went through hell and back wearing a pair of peep toe pumps.... Read More

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Christian Louboutin Cookie Shoes Collection
Talking about shoes earlier reminded me about these sugar bites I saw (plus I really needed a comfort zone to counterattack those ill fitting shoes... Read More

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How Comfortable Are Your Shoes?
How many pairs of comfortable shoes do you own? I mean really really comfy, the kind you could spend the night dancing and marching in?... Read More

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Stiletto Protector. Would You?
Above any fashion madness (or maybe just because of that fashion has reached the madness levels), there’s got to be some kind of fashion madness... Read More

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Ready For Hello Kitty Reebook Plush Sneakers?
After melting over Dr Martens Hello Kitty’s collection, it’s time for yet another Kitty heart breaking items – Reebok Plush Kitty sneakers : plush Hello... Read More

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