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Short Jeans And Cardi, The Lazy Outfit
Summer is right around the corner. No, scratch that! Summer is right here! I haven’t found the right amount of courage deep down inside to... Read More

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Match Your Purse And Your Belt!
Do you still recall the classic fashion must: match your shoes color/style to your bag’s color/style? And/or your belt? Those days are long gone now,... Read More

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This Is My Chanel 2.55 Bag!
I’m holding it up, up so you can all see it! Put on your shades, you’ll be needing them! And this is how they make... Read More

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The New Jewelry It: More Necklaces, The Better!
When it comes to personal style, there’s no true limit. Good taste and fashion sense make the oddest combination possible and likable. Jenny Barchfield is... Read More

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The Jumpsuit Face Off Rihanna Vs Lindsay Lohan
Two divas by our modern times standards, Rihanna and Lindsay Lohan chose two very similar outfits for two very different events. Rihanna was out to... Read More

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Fashionable Salad
I may not know too many things about avant-garde fashion, but I surely know few things about salads! Just enough to make me nail one... Read More

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Matching Haute Couture With Fast Fashion Labels Yes, You Can!
The proof in images! One, actually, as it retained my attention with that lovely mini tan Hermes bag! (have I told you I’m a Hermes... Read More

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White Socks, Black High Heels Shoes For Cocktail Party
You may remember I was enthusiast about that old socks and sandals trend a while back. I still feel the same way. However, this particular... Read More

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