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Dare To Wear Anna Porcu’s Leather Cuffs?
At our dear friend, Ellington, suggested, I checked out Anna Porcu’s leather cuffs. Turns out the pieces are pretty charming and they make quite the... Read More

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Punk Jewelry Collection By Noir Jewelry
If Noir Collection sounds a bit familiar to you it’s because you may remember we talked about them a while back, when they did the... Read More

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Freja Beha Erichsen’s Jewerly Campaigns – Smiling Bright
Now I know why Freja didn’t smile before! Because she wasn’t doing a jewelry ad! Just look at the girl doing the Harry Winston campaign... Read More

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Copper Sequins Necklace By Suzanna Dai
I know you’re looking for that special outfit to celebrate New Year’s in. If you’re running out of inspiration, you can consider wearing one of... Read More

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Erin Wasson’s Low Luv
Talking about the fashnicest of them all, here’s Erin Wasson, model extraordinare and fashion designer now turned jewelry designer. After promoting a special grungey attitude... Read More

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Tiffany Under The Christmas Tree In Milan
Milan again, you’d ask! Well yes, it appears that the most interesting things happen in Europe during the Holidays season! The most expensive Christmas tree... Read More

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Noir DC Comics Jewelry Collection, Perfect Gift For DC Comics Fans
With few more days until Christmas I have to ask myself if I covered everyone on the list, check twice if they all get their... Read More

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Cartier Winter Tale
What is it with jewelry companies and baby felines? After seeing Julianne Moore and those adorable lion cubs, it’s Cartier’s turn to make it about... Read More

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