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Get Physical With Saskia De Brauw And H & M!
Because I’m tired and having enough of seeing Lana del Rey in her H & M ads all over the place, I vote for change!... Read More

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Natalie Portman’s New (Blond) Hair
I was looking at pictures from various events going around the Emmy Awards night (related or not to the said event) and I found some... Read More

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GQ Puts The Outstanding Denzel Washington On The October 2012 Cover
All the years you’ve know me, you’ve never seen me talking about men in vain. I don’t do that. I can chatter about women and... Read More

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First Photos: Blake And Ryan Reynolds (Blake Lively’s Wedding Ring)
Awww! Look at how cute they are together! The firs images of the surprise newlyweds Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds taken just days after their... Read More

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Marion Cotillard’s Dior Mag. First Issue
I was thought to bring something I like next to something I dislike. For balance purposes. There’s always this fine balance to keep between good... Read More

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Kate Hudson Returns: Harper’s Bazaar October 2012
Oh, this is so bad! Kate Hudson on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar October 2012 as photographed by Camilla Akrans looks awful. Not her. Not... Read More

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6 Unusual Ways To Remember 9/11
It’s that day again. I remember watching a movie the other day and hearing the main character say “10 minutes won’t change my life”. 9... Read More

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Jennifer Lawrence’s Silver Linings Playbook W October 2012 Cover!
Jennifer Lawrence, my dahlings, like you’ve never seen her before! That’s the promise made by W October 2012 on their very cover! Because, if you... Read More

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