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Lagerfeld’s Ring Bed, Masanori Umeda’s Tawaraya
Once a brilliant design idea from Memphis, now a pop-museum-worthy piece, the Tawaraya boxing ring bed is currently exhibited in Paris (in Azzedine Alaia’s gallery,... Read More

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Prada, The Book
In the new tradition of “book is the new black”, here comes another fashion explanatory tome, this time from Prada. If you think fashion is... Read More

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Pleated Paper Dress Vs Tulle And Sticks Dress By Jolis Paons
Blessed be thy name, creativity! And blessed are those who come in your name, showing us what real talent means! Jolis Paons, a student at... Read More

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Karl Lagerfeld In Paris
We’re just spectators to Karl’s world. Simply observing and occasionally having our hair raised up, up in the sky by the endless wisdom of any... Read More

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Free Backstage Pass To A Chanel Fashion Show!
I wonder if Ashton Kutcher ever saw one of these before imagining his Beautiful Life episodes! Then again, it got canceled, so there’s really nothing... Read More

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Barbie’s Year In Paris With Christian Louboutin
Now this is a lovely Barbie piece sent by our friend, Ellington! Thank you, beautiful, for keeping me au courant with Christian Louboutin’s latest adventure!... Read More

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Balmain Spring Summer 2010 Collection
From this day on, every time I’ll have to imagine a night out (dancing that is), I’ll think of Balmain, the Spring Summer 2010 collection!... Read More

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Versace Is Not For The Plus Size
If you’re the proud wearer of a plus-10 size, don’t get your hopes on wearing Versace one day! Donatella said it won’t happen. The Versace... Read More

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