Meet Denyse, Ms Veteran America 2012!

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My dahlings! Did you know that there even was such a thing as Ms Veteran America? I had absolutely no idea! But It’s such a wonderful initiative! So who’s the first ever Ms Veteran America 2012? Denyse!

I came across her story on ‘Curly Nikki’ and she said she’s been serving her country in the US Air Force and US Air Force Reserves for nearly 20 years. Denyse is approaching her 40es and she thought it would be really great to participate in this MVA Competition meant to Showcase the Woman beyond the Uniform! (the story continues after the jump, click here for the gallery!)

meet Ms Veteran America 2012

I’m so happy she did! From now on she’ll be advocating for the 55,000 homeless female Veterans (something even President Obama vowed to do: seeing to it that there will be no more homeless veterans in the US), an amazingly courageous group of women who chose to serve their country with immense bravery and dedication! Just like their male counterparts, Denyse and her fellow women veterans show us that there’s more than just an uniform serving the country! Happy Holidays to you all and thank you!

crowned Ms Veteran America 2012

Denyse Ms Veteran America in Uniform Winner of 2012 Ms Veteran America Competition Ms Veteran America 2012 Competition

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