Sasha Pivovarova For Gap. Sleepwear Collection.

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When you read the first part of the title you thought she was modeling for them, didn’t you? Well, at least that’s what I initially believed when I popped into the story. Sasha Pivovarova for Gap – sounds just like one of those campaign announcements where the model is being tied to the brand and voila! As simple as that.

There’s more to this story, however! Sasha Pivovarova doesn’t just model for Gap! She’s modeling for Sasha Pivovarova’s Gap Collection! Wow, right? Sasha’s sleepwear collection for Gap is a bit unconventional than you might expect as it features prints hand drawn by Sasha herself. It’s a six pieces charming collection, classic pieces with a twist. How do you like it? Will you be willing to pick the traditional pajama gift from Sasha’s collection this Christmas?

Sasha Pivovarova sleepwear collection for Gap

Sasha Pivovarova Gap collection

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#1 Ellington on 12.05.11 at 12:30 pm

I like the cute whimsy of the designs and the styles of the pjs.
So yes I think I would venture to purchase them. : )

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