Kate Lanphear, Supreme Street Fashion Icon Disses On Street Fashion Photography

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The fashinternet is an odd place where you can rise to fame from complete and utter anonymity if you have the right wardrobe. Personal style stars were quickly followed by a thick fog of street fashion stars.

Fashion professionals, industry insiders, brilliant Jane Does and stylish Joe Does always dressed like the sidewalk was their catwalk. The Testinos and the Leibovitz of street fashion photography hunt their pray and catch every detail, every movement of their subjects in pictures they’re releasing onto the fashinternet waves to the delight of the avid followers. One of those perfectly stylish, absolutely fashionable individual who gets photographed season after season is Kate Lanphear who’s position at Elle (styling director, btw) is less known than her white short mane.

While praising the way the clothes are worn, Kate Lanphear doesn’t really like to ride the street fashion photography fame wave (we’ll trust that mission to AdR who puts on an entire circus for the street fashion photographers). Her street fashion experience isn’t her favorite part of the day, most definitely (there’s a very interesting interview with Kate Lanphear here)

“The street-style thing is hard for me to talk about, because it makes me pretty wildly embarrassed. I get really, really shy. It’s like hearing your own voice on an answering machine.”

Kate Lanphear style icon

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