A Different, Wicked Adriana Lima. By Ellen Von Unwerth

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I tried to source this out and I swamped. I’m bringing it as it is, trying to make the most out of it. Visually.

Adriana Lima, as we’re used to seeing her (aka a Victoria’s Secret Angel, mainly) is merely a memory in this pictorial. Like another life – memory. Ellen Von Unwerth has these magic abilities to make you see things you normally wouldn’t notice or imagine; to bring out the sparkle in any scene. And that just by using a camera. Truly a gifted photographer! It’s like her pictures speak, reach out and occupy your mind.

Adriana Lima, my dahlings, is all Girl, Interrupted here. And I don’t mind her short hair and crazy antics. Shedding your Angel wings must be as painful and as wicked as depicted here. Anyone familiar with these images?

Adriana Lima wicked angel Ellen von Unwerth

Adriana Lima wicked Ellen von Unwerth

Adriana Lima photographed by Ellen von Unwerth

different Adriana Lima picture

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