Timberland And Pharrell Williams Bionic Yarn Shoes Collection

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The fashion is recycling or not at all. If the mighty Pharrell Williams stuck his stylish nose into eco friendly materials and collections, then we’re on the good path!

So what’s our favorite N.E.R.D. up to? He teamed up with Timberland in order to create a particular shoes collection made with Bionic Yarn canvas. What does Bionic Yarn stand for? It’s a company co-owned by Pharrell that specialized in making fabric from cotton and recycled plastic bottles. Come January 2011, we’ll all be able to walk in Bionic Yarn shoes? I was wondering, though, how should we take this – Pharrell making an eco – friendly move just because? Should we be grateful for this vision of the future and embrace the new Bionic Yarn thing? (Bionic Yarn via)

Timberland Pharrell Bionic Yarn shoes

Timberland Bionic Yarn shoes

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