Sonia Rykiel Dresses La Blogueuse

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I was asking about the artistic (and more) whereabouts of fashion magazines earlier, wasn’t I? How about if I told you right now that the French they’re so avant nous that they’re already turning the reality into a classic theater move? It doesn’t sound so revealing as to make you see the avant-garde and the noir of it!

Sonia Rykiel recently announced. that she’s dressing the actresses from the piece de theatre “Blogueuse” which describes the life of a blogger (girl blogger), Paola. Paola and her interwebs – consumed existence. Such a glamorous, fashionable subject, wouldn’t you agree? I’m impatiently waiting for a big screen adaptation! (if you’re interested, the above mentioned Blogueuse is available from October 17th to December 29th at La Manufacture des Abbesses, Paris, France; there’s a website associated, you can access it here)

Sonia Rykiel costumes Blogueuse

Sonia Rykiel costumes Blogueuse theatre

Blogueuse affiche

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#1 Mysenseoftaste on 10.27.10 at 8:14 am

Hi, Your post is the reason why I saw it on Monday. thanx ! (I wrote about it here)

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