More Skeletal DSquared2 Shoes

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You know they’re coming in strong, you have been warned! DSquared2 skeletal stilettos are definitely the new Tributes! Everybody wants a piece from the spine bones shaped heels!

Even pregnant women! Right after the jump, you’ll see a pair of black skeletal DSquared2 who belong (and they’re actually worn by her in the image) to Alicia Keys! And she is currently pregnant and on tour. So? What more reason do you need to get yours? I’m actually curious how they stand on the comfy 0 to 5 scale, since on the trends scale, they’re way beyond 10! (photos via 1, 2)

DSquared2 Spine Lace shoes

DSquared2 Spine white sandals

Alicia Keys DSquared2 Spine peep toe shoes

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#1 angela.banta on 07.08.10 at 8:56 am

its scary!maybe im not really into a skeletal thing.but for those ladies of are fashionista..wear it.its just a matter of how you carry it.

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