Happiest Clock In The World!

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Because many of you will be out celebrating this weekend (4th of July that is) and because our beloved Canadian friends already started the joyful fete when they celebrated Canada’s Day yesterday (Happy Canada Day!), I thought it would be a nice sight to see… For happy days. Always.

This clock popped up my internet-alley and I couldn’t resist sharing it with you! It’s cute, it’s vintage and most of all – it’s a happy one! Long live happy days! Have a Happy Day Every Day! (photo via)

Smiling Alarm clock

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#1 Adriana on 07.07.10 at 6:54 am

Today I’ve a very happy day since we the Netherlands are off to the WC football (soccer) final next Sunday!!! We beated the first WC champions ever and they were good; Uruguay but very mean at times…I’m so scared for the Germas LOL! Der Mannschaft are killers although they’ve still to beat Spain, so I root for Spain tonight…..but today I’m just happy. We’re such a small country and we made it so far. I love our guys! :D

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