Halston Chiffon Lurex Ruffle Dress, My New Obsession

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Every now and then, I tend to make unhealthy fixations. It’s all going smooth as silk when it comes to obsessing about strawberries, dried fruits or even chocolate. Things get rough when it comes to wardrobe obsessions. Especially when my latest fixation is the Halston Chiffon-Lurex Ruffle dress!

And not just because it looks so gorgeous it should be forbidden, and also because I couldn’t wear it all day long being a special occasion dress. But most of all, most of all, because it only costs a whopping $3,435 (regardless of it being white or purple)! Good things are sometimes hard to get, but four figures hard for a (more-than-beautiful) dress? Oh, what have I done to manifest such fixations? Help, please? Anyone else feeling the same? (not about the Halston dress, maybe some other thing, just as un-spiritual as this one?)

Halston chiffon lurex dress

Halston chiffon lurex ruffle maxi dress

Halston chiffon lurex dress 1 Halston chiffon lurex dress 2 Halston chiffon lurex dress 3

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