The Inseparables Love Flats By Christian Louboutin

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From the early ages of Christian Louboutin, shoemaker extraordinaire, comes a pair of flats, exclusively reedited for Netaporter: the Inseparables Love Flats by Christian Louboutin!

Though Louboutin himself said these shoes were inspired by the late Princess Diana (“I wanted her to always have love at her feet”), if you’re having a Roger Vivier – déjà vu, you’re in no wrong! The Inseparables Love Flats were made by Christian Louboutin in the early 90s, while he started working for Roger Vivier in 1988 and in 1991 the Christian Louboutin label was officially born.(the story continues right after the jump with more images!)

Christian Louboutin Love Flats

While Christian Louboutin flats may sound like a complete nonsense, the Love Flats really did existed and now they’re back with more sparkle and shine than ever! Slightly remodeled but still looking very much like the original, Louboutin’s iconic LO-VE Flats in black patent leather with shiny gold writing could be yours for just $595! Will you consider a letter to Santa for these ones? (photos via

Christian Louboutin Love Flats ballerina

Christian Louboutin Inseparables Love Flats


#1 Adriana on 10.13.09 at 9:00 am

No thanks. The patent pair are plain ugly imo but my granny would have loved them. The upgraded design is more appealling but I say “no” to love on shoes. I do love to love and I love shoes though……

#2 Ellington on 10.13.09 at 11:13 am

I like the updated pair. They are rather cute and very fetch. I would wear them, a bit of whimsical fun on my feet! :)

#3 Daydreamer on 10.13.09 at 5:45 pm

I don’t want a pair of flats and this is not really what I would want from Santa. Maybe a chic pair of 4-inch Loubs is better.

#4 kpriss on 10.13.09 at 9:48 pm

Though I haven’t said a word about it in my article, I’ll come clean right now: I was surprised to find flats chez Louboutin. That’s why I started writing the article. And having some big, chunky letters/initials on my shoes (or bags, actually) has a touch of too-much I can’t bring myself around to actually like it. What I did found nice, was the name of the shoe: “The Inseparables Love…”

#5 Adriana on 10.14.09 at 6:41 am

LOL! Hahaha, oh the Autumn blues…..I’ve made a huge mistake!! I hate the new patent ones, sorry granny! Sorry Ellington! No thanks.:(
I thought “then” is “now” but it’s the other way around, ouch…:”>

#6 Adriana on 10.14.09 at 6:42 am

P.S. I also hate Brad Pitt’s loafers with the golden BP’s. Ugh, what has happen to him?

#7 Tavia on 10.14.09 at 7:52 am

I don’t like how they look, they could be comfortable….but I would feel like an old woman wearing them :((

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