How To Make A Unique Shirt!

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I’m with the clumsy ones. In the kitchen, everywhere, I can’t seem to keep the stains off me! Because I sometimes refer to myself as a Napoleon wannabe but hardly really work it out, I get an authentic menu imprint on my clothes when I’m cooking the day’s meal.

But the Internet has that funny, most amazing way to twist things around and give you some crazy DIY ideas. For instance – the unique shirt, design by you! All you need is ink (an old pen or a new one you’re willing to sacrifice in the name of design) and a plain white shirt. (the story continues right after the jump with more pictures)

Giuliano Fujiwara white t shirt 2

The shrine of design can be your own floor where you can just spill ink on that white t-shirt (you can even keep your eyes clothes, for a complete inspirational moment) and ta-daaaam! There you go! (We’re taking inspiration from real designers who did it before. It’s kinda like this Giuliano Fujiwara project)

Giuliano Fujiwara white t shirt

Giuliano Fujiwara white t shirt 1

Giuliano Fujiwara white t shirt 3

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