Easy Like Monday Morning

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You may wonder where did the “Easy Like Sunday Morning” disappear! It did not vanished! It came in full force on Monday Morning to help you start a better than ever new week! Now, other than saying that there’s a picture following, more words have so little meaning! I was looking for that special “Easy” moment to share but in my search I found this glorious image and, guess what? it simply wouldn’t fade from my head!

Simply charming, close to being a brilliant picture, it really rules out the question photoshopped or not, leaving me with only non-existential Monday-dilemmas. It’s a long way till Friday, ain’t it? (photo via pixdaus)

Thinking red gorilla


#1 Ellington on 12.15.08 at 12:32 pm

When I saw this photo it made me laugh. I love the expression on the primate’s face and the vivid colour of its fur!
Thanks for that Kpriss it add a touch of humour and colour to a snowy Toronto day! : )

#2 Adriana on 12.15.08 at 1:29 pm

What lovely ginger that is!
Ellington, that’s me today! And how far our cities are apart, its cold and snowy too here….brrrrr…

#3 Ellington on 12.15.08 at 3:25 pm

On a different note I would like to nominate this very stylish primate to be the new editor of Vogue if Madame Wintour decides to leave.
I mean wouldn’t that face and the look on that face be fabu at the front row of all the top fashion?
And imagine the letter from the editor? ;)

#4 Adriana on 12.15.08 at 4:43 pm


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