Suitcase Bicycle – Ride In Style

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You know I’m a biking fan… Converted from motorcycling to biking because of the kids. You can’t really ride your motorcycle with all the family in stow. A bicycle you sure can! Of course we still have to wait for the kids to be old enough to wheel them up, but I made a promise with my husband, to take them bicycle riding as often as we can!

Until, we’re thinking and planning the car-space. Because we’d like to get our bicycles with us when we get out of town, there’s always a danger around every corner when you’re riding in town. When I found this bicycle, I was more than happy! (more pictures after the jump)

Freeman Bicycle

I don’t have to think about slow drives (if you mount your bikes on the top of the car, your car suddenly becomes a treadmill on wheels making an impossible noise and heavy vibration when you try to adjust your speed to the highway speed), I don’t have to think about buying a bus, I just have to take care and clean them wheels to pack it all properly together.

Freeman Suitcase Bicycle

Of course you don’t get any complicated features with a bike like this one. There are no gears, no brakes, no cables. But you can fix everything together with a simple tool. Would you choose a bike like this one?

Freeman bicycle frame

Freeman bicycle making

Freeman bicycle wheel


#1 Ellington on 08.04.08 at 4:38 pm

I like the idea of biking, and I think that that bike is great for those who like to take their bike with them.
I would not get one as I like to ride when I do near my house and I don’t really go far. Its more of a pleasure thing for me than a I got to get somewhere thing. It can be dangerous cycling in the city. I am too alarmed and scared to do it myself. It is nice to see that some cities are becoming more conducive to cyclists though and creating bike lanes.

#2 Adriana on 08.06.08 at 5:16 am

Ideal for the Netherlands the cycle country of the world. Though the rest of the world seems to follow us lately. We’re not the crazy cycling Dutch anymore.
We’re always scared our bike get’s stolen or ruined. “National sport’ here. I can stall my bike in the barn while I’m home. Lots of people can’t. So that will be very nice for those who can safely take their bike inside with them.

In my street is a nice, very small cycle-factory i.e. store Nice and inventive people. For sure I’m going to print this out and show it to them one off these days. I would love to hear their opinion! And of course I do report about it Kpriss!

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