Lucy Liu Summer Fashion Olympics Harper’s Bazaar Edition

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Sport and Haute Couture? Mmm.. yes.. maybe… definitely could be… Well Lucy Liu’s done it for Harper’s Bazaar and the result is pretty amazing.

It’s like she’d be posing for Luxury Olympics but who’s really counting? Take for instance the “Swing Out, Sister” picture where she’s throwing the Chanel bag: only two prices are known – the Iradj Moini Necklace $3,630 and of course the Chanel bag $2,850. I won’t even begin to count the pricetag for the Dolce & Gabbana dress! The boxing picture: Cartier earrings $28,700 , Look from London Hosiery tights $18, Everlast gloves $29,99. Again the Dior Haute Couture dress cannot be counted for it was pricelessly named in the picture’s credits (more pictures after the jump)

Lucy Liu Fashion Olympics Harpers Bazaar

Shall I continue? “En Garde” counts Marc Jacobs cuffs $1,890 each. As for the dress and the shoes, special order Givenchy Haute Couture, we can bid on. I guess nothing will overprice the Neil Lane for de Beers necklace from the Photo Finish picture – $450,000! Impressive! Oh well, no matter the sport, the finish line is the most important, as stated by these Harper’s Bazaar pictures. Which one’s your favorite? (I vote for the Chanel throw and the Armani Spear)

Lucy Liu Fashion Olympics Harpers Bazaar Spear
Lucy Liu Fashion Olympics Harpers Bazaar On Target Lucy Liu Fashion Olympics Harpers Bazaar Lifting Bags Lucy Liu Fashion Olympics Harpers Bazaar Finish Line
(photos via harpersbazaar)


#1 Ellington on 07.29.08 at 5:37 pm

I adore Lucy Lui I think she is fabu!
(sorry about the totally lame rhyme, ’twas not intentional :D)
And the HB fashion spread is fun, I like the fencing photo the best, I like its controlled energy.
Do you think they used Ms. Lui because she is Chinese-American and the Olympics are being held in Beijing?

#2 kpriss on 07.31.08 at 5:53 am

That’s surely the reason why they did this pictorial! I just don’t know why she’s holding the US flag three times and the Chinese flag just once! Or better said, I don’t want to know, the outcome is too obvious.

I hesitated, you know, between that fencing pose and the Chanel throw. I still chose the Chanel because it’s too symbolic to pass!

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