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Victoria Beckham’s Casual Blue Jeans
There’s something about Victoria Beckham and flats. Something about Victoria Beckham and casual, laid-back style: they just don’t cross paths! And when they do, seas... Read More

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Victoria Beckham’s New Jeans Collection!
Despite my conviction that Victoria Beckham’s dVb jeans collection was discontinued due to extremely low sales, there she goes, like nothing really happened, promoting a... Read More

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Victoria Beckham Doesn’t: Eat Hamburgers, Say No To David, Self Tan!
If every now and then you ask yourself how does Victoria Beckham keep herself so thin, here’s the answer: she eats green, no hamburgers, she... Read More

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David And Victoria Beckham DVB Beckham Signature Story Perfumes
The days have passed and another perfume signed by David and Victoria Beckham is upon us. I’m really curious about how the fragrances turn up... Read More

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Victoria Beckham Plays Soccer. Wears Flats!
Kentucky’s Clay County children had the honor and pride to be joined in soccer maneuvers by Posh! None the other but Victoria Beckham seconded by... Read More

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Victoria Beckham’s Harper’s Bazaar, December 2009
What do you know? Victoria Beckham graces the December 2009 cover of Harper’s Bazaar, the UK edition. And that’s not the best part! The best... Read More

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Victoria Beckham Covers Elle October 2009
Showcasing her tiny super fit figure on Elle October 2009 cover, Victoria Beckham tells everyone that she’s so serious on the Red Carpet because she’s... Read More

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Advertising Models Vs Celebs
It was officially the subject of a poll and the results showed that ad campaigns with non-models as spokesfaces weren’t as sales booster as we... Read More

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