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Dwayne The Rock Johnson’s Panerai Watch And Aviator Sunglasses Survive San Andreas Fault
Right in the middle of an action-packed scene in an abundantly graphic and fast movie you focus in on just one item on the big... Read More

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3 Unexpectedly Expensive Precious Accessories
If you know who’s been naughty or nice, better have them bank accounts ready to go! The Holiday Season is upon us in a matter... Read More

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Ray Ban Leather Aviators
There’s no mistake whatsoever! The new Craft Collection from Ray-Ban comes with genuine leather details (stitched by hand in Italy) hence the name. The 2010... Read More

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Ray-Ban Summer 2009 Collection
Right in the middle of couture Fall Winter ad campaigns, let me bring you a sunnier vision with Ray-Ban’s Summer 2009 Collection! Fearlessly indemodables, a... Read More

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$384,000 Dolce And Gabbana Sunglasses
Not once have I stated my love for the Ray Bans. Aviators and Wayfarers alike, they meet my demands to shine while wearing shades. Aside... Read More

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The Ray-Ban Ultra-Gold Ultra-Limited Edition Sunglasses
I’ve always dreamed of the aviator sunglasses. Always said I’ll get myself a pair and never did until now! Now I want my Aviators! And... Read More

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