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Here’s The $1,000,000 Pearl Necklace!
I talked about that pearl necklace t-shirt and how expensive it was just the other day but this is way too much! The million dollar... Read More

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Punk And Rock Meet Pearls
I always admired the everlasting power of pearls. Elegant, flirty, serious, they’re the always trusty friend to bring along and shine no matter what. Because... Read More

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Pearls Comeback for 2008
So are those pearls back on track? I know Sarah Jessica Parker’s moves are awaited and followed. When I saw her difficult-to-qualify-all-black-outfit and long strands... Read More

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Christmas Present of The Day – Pearls, The Detail of Perfect Elegance
We don’t know about you, but we always fancy a beautiful pearl jewel. It’s never a mistake, you can wear it and be sure it’s... Read More

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