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Kristen Stewart’s GQ November 2011
This is strange. Like cheesecake and vodka strange. Kristen Stewart on the cover of GQ Magazine? This is the kind of forced marketing maneuver which,... Read More

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Drew Barrymore’s Neiman Marcus Fashion Catalog By Norman Jean Roy
The fashion land is about to be taken from the hands of fashpeople by the celebpeople. Because they matter most, because they bring in the... Read More

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Vanity Fair’s Young Hollywood Issue, March 2011
Have you noticed the latest, hottest magazine issue in town? It’s Vanity Fair’s Young Hollywood issue! The March 2011 cover of Vanity Fair‘s one and... Read More

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Cher’s Vanity Fair December 2010
Vanity Fair’s passion with stars du passé is becoming increasingly blatant with yet another cover – this time it’s the December 2010 issue with Cher.... Read More

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Lindsay Lohan’s Vanity Fair October 2010
Magazines love a good tragedy, don’t they? Any kind of media does. Tragedy sells. It’s that Big Brother complex we’ve developed over the years: we’re... Read More

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